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We produce doypacks from multilayer laminates – printed, colorless, metallic, aluminum and paper (PET/PE, PETmet/PE, PET/AL./PE, PP/PP, PAP/PET/PE, etc.). We offer unprinted and flexo-printed doypacks.

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We print up to 8 colors on film and paper using modern flexographic printing machines.

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Our clients are production plants that operate in the following industries: food processing (cereals, flours, nuts, seeds, oily fruits, cocoa, vegetables, dried fruits, spices), meat, dairy, chemical (powders, tablets, fluids, tissues, concentrates), confectionery, ready meals, feeds and chews for pets.

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Manufacturer of packaging

Moderno Mundo - your trusted packaging supplier

For many years Moderno Mundo sp. z o.o. has been manufacturing multilayer films and packaging for various industries. We are a recognized brand on the Polish and European market of packagings and film laminates. The company is conveniently located between Berlin and Warsaw, close to the A2 freeway.

In recent years we have become one of the largest manufacturers of doypack packaging in Europe, having 5 production lines dedicated only for this type of packaging. Constantly implemented improvements and innovations make us one of the companies that create market trends. We currently produce about 50 million packaging units per year.

About us

The world of modern packaging

Our offer

Moderno Mundo - packaging for the food industry


As a manufacturer of doypack stand-up pouches, we offer functional colorless, paper, aluminum and metallic packaging. Each material can be provided with print in accordance with your expectations. Owing to a deep inventory, we can deliver selected orders within a couple of days.


Stabilo pouches

We produce stabilo pouches with side folds. All pouches can be printed and provided with an euroslot or grips – a finger grip or a carrying handle. Manufactured in various sizes and thicknesses, from laminates or monolayer films suitable for a specific product.


Pillow pouches

We offer high quality pillow pouches with 3 seals or with a back seal, which are ideal for packing bakery, meat, dairy, delicatessen, tobacco, confectionery and many other products. Available packaging is watertight, tear-resistant, and guarantees a long freshness period.


Eco pouches

Because we care for the environment and the well-being of our planet, in 2019 we began developing 100% recyclable packaging. Successful results of process trials and tests bring us closer to the launch of a recyclable product, with properties similar to those of the currently used packaging materials.


Laminates on a roll

We offer a wide range of multi-layer laminates, manufactured based on polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyamide film, polyester, paper and aluminum. Film laminates are used to pack products on vertical and horizontal packers (flow type, thermo-forming, and tray-sealer).


Our portfolio

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opakowania dla przemysłu spożywczego
worki stabilo
opakowania ekologiczne
worki doypack
opakowania dla przemysłu spożywczego
worki stabilo
Nadruk fleksograficzny na opakowaniach

Flexographic printing on packaging

We are an experienced manufacturer of packaging and a flexographic packaging printing shop. We provide our customers with printed film on a roll or finished, sealed packaging. We print with the use of stete-of-the-art flexographic machines, using the highest quality inks and photopolymer plates from reputable manufacturers. Each material – polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamide can be inter-layer or topcoat printed. We can print up to 8 colors and use varnishes: matte or "paper-touch", which makes the film feel like paper to the touch. We are the only company on the market to offer innovative UV visible printing to protect the packaging against counterfeiting. It is an innovation on a global scale. Flexographic packaging printing we offer is durable, attractive, elegant and prepared according to the and customer's design and specifications. Our company guarantees the highest quality product and integrated film printing services.

Moderno Mundo sp. z o.o. - manufacturer of film pouches

We have been manufacturing soft film packaging for many years. We produce packaging made of multilayer, high barrier film laminates and monolayer films. Our machines allow us to produce packaging in various forms - doypacks, stabilo pouches with side folds, back-sealed pouches, pillow pouches, sachets. You can choose from a range of extras for your packaging, including a zip lock closure, a spout, a breathing valve, a tear notch, a laser score for easy opening. Because we care for the environment and to meet customers' expectations, we carry out process trials to launch barrier recyclable packaging. The current tests allow us to assume that in the nearest future, as a producer of film packaging, we will offer you laminates on a roll and recyclable packaging.

What does the production process of plastic pouches look like?

The production process of plastic pouches is very complex. Each of the production stages (design, printing, lamination, film cutting, welding) takes place in a modern plant in Gądki near Poznań. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and are currenlty implementing the BRC PACKAGING system.

In recent years we have become one of the largest manufacturers of doypack packaging in Europe, having 5 production lines dedicated only for this type of packaging.

ul. Firmowa 10, Robakowo, 62-023 Gądki, POLAND

(+48) 61 306-77-77